Good Morning Testo

Testo Good Morning

[Intro - D'banj:]
Givin’em rest and makin’ love again
In my best I be the run again
And I have the man dem stutterin’

[Hook - D'banj:]
I'm getting this nigga in the morning
He gon takin even chiefin' just too long way
He see me in the evening, wanna catch all these feelings
Well let me be the first to get mine, Ohh!

[2 Chainz - Verse 1:]
Yeah! Okay I'm chillin' in my camo
Flippin' through the channels
On my G.O.O.D Music shit, my logo's a Lambo
Four doors of ammo, this ammunition I'm pitching
Will make your body, switch another postion
Listen, my weed loud, fuck her and speed off
Tell em I bare arms, I'm cuttin my sleeves off
Lettin my tats show and I sag my pants
I'm letting my ass show, I'm hot as tabasco
I study, Castro, yeah, my plug from Cuba
Inside the car is like a damn computer
Inside the crib is like a damn museum
You ain't seen these before, you better get em on film
Tryin to take these fat pockets, man your chances are slim
Disrespect: you stomp em out, man give em a Tim
You ain't did what I did, see I know I'mma win
And they don't have slow-motion so I did it again


[2 Chainz - Verse 2:]
Okay I'm sitting on the plane
Flying over graves
I'm so high, nigga I could talk to rain
My outfits insane, ain't that evident?
My chain had another chain like it was pregnant
My favorite dish is turkey lasagna
Even my pajamas designer
She got a fat ass I make her rewind
Back seat so big I press recline
Got a dirty sprite in my cup holder
Rappers like road kill
They get run over, they get done over
Its just one solider
This flow will make you fall like its October
Me and your girl, nigga opposite of sober
Celine Paris chain charm look like a cobra
Young Casanova, Baby Romeo
I got my girl geeked, she look like she from 'Tokyo'