Raindrops Testo

Testo Raindrops

Just like raindrops falling from my eyes
just like teardrops falling from the sky
it is a like a blessing
a blessing in disguise
that we fail to realise yeah
now i have to pay the price
pay price see
see young man
be careful and think it twice
before you choose to use
before you choose to use
to use your device
so you dont have raindrops
falling from your eyes
when you see a blessing in disguise yeah
oh what a sacrifice
a sacrifice
i see them
dem a writing stuff about me
most of them i know just only wan destroy me
bone dem
dey no get another story
ontop my pain they want to claim say dem holy
see i fear them
these girls are very deadly
but before i say so
i check am
nobody with me
i love them plus
my pikin is dearly
and my little friendsie
And I respect them
All them wey bin advise me, wey talk to me truthfully
See now I don't have no time for no hypocrisy
Have no time for all the people that treat them minds in my matter eh
I know some people will say some things that will cut like a knife
They make dey want to dey mara eh
Making me feel like a murderer
See, what is it you want from me?
What is your expectation?
What is it you feel?
What is it you think about me?
What is your imagination?
How do you see me?
As, I am God's creation, but I am not the only one
I say we plenty, and there is no more equal one
We heading to the same destination
So just be living your life yeah (living your life yeah)
Doing your thing ho ho ho (doing your thing wo wo wo)
Make some people breathe wo wo wo (breathe, breathe)
Live and let live (live and let live)
And as you go and count my blessing, make you count yours
I hope because of this you will not start to close your doors
and as we go, just take some time to check your flaws
Turn out and use another door yeah