More Than A Player Testo

Testo More Than A Player

Tha D:
Hello Bitches, trick tramp sluts, it's the Mutha-fuckin' D here to work yo' big butts
Got hoes on my back seat, niggaz on my nutts
Cock blockin' ass niggas tryin' to stall when they know I'm tryin' to fuck
Alright fool, get yo' clown on, you better check yo'girl fo' I take the bitch home
And do a couple things she never done before
Like sitting on the dick and suck the cock herself
Hoes like you and you, ya gets nothing, bitch, but the honor to come and suck a dog's dick
Saying I'm cold when it comes to the ladies, I just can't let a little punk bitch fade me
Niggaz can't fuck wit' the program, that's why they always wanna see me come and get down
(ay ay yo' man, how you do that man, what you do)
Fuck yo' bitch and let her run through my crew
Cause anything goes, when it comes to yo' hoes, so get yo' fine ass bitch back
Cuz the dick'll be quick to get yo' girl sprung
And don't even have to lick the bitch pearl tongue
Cuffing that nigga, that'll get yo' little coochie, you little nothing ass funky ass hoochie
Fuckin' wit' a true'll get you dropped everytime... so back up off my line
Cause I'm ....

More than a player, I'm more like a pimp
I'm more than a Player, I'm more like a pimp
(Baby, Cause I'm a macaroni)

KK is a nut, got all the hoes that I wanted to fuck
Now they keep fiendin' the dick like a duck and I fuck all simpin' ass hoes who don't let me rip
Now take a trip wit' a young ass player, bitches tryin' to come out, even niggas trippin'
See them run they ass out and buy my shit, cause they on my dick
Said my tape wasn't hittin' but yo' punk ass bought it
Bangin' on my tape or maybe even Quik's, Hi-C, AMG, or the Penthouse Clique
It really don't matter cause niggas still statter, on top of that thang
So a ugly ass hooker hit the corner then I shook her, I would've macked her but she looked like a booger, yo'
Can't fuck wit' a duck, might as well press my luck wit' a monkey if the coochie ain't funky
Went to the Mo' with a cute little hoe, I donly took her there cause the girl told me so
Took a drink, fell out weak, broke out with the bulls()the little hoe got bent
*****Booze and a anigga made a creep, I finished up my drink and washed my dick in the sink, uh
Move kinda slow on my way out the do' I met left the girl at the Mo'
I gotta go, gotta gooooo
Cause I'm, more than a player, I'm more like a pimp
I'm more than a Player, I'm more like a pimp
(Pimpi' leading MCs)
Tha D:
Gone and get yo' little roll on, raise up the window get the bud going on
Yea, hit it kinda strong blaze it up, toss the E&J in the cup, swing another hit just to make sure you'r fucked the point
Ay nigga don't make me () that joint
(Pass that mutha-fucka)
Check game control on the nigga hoe-stroll, Ay yo' D
(What up?) Let it roll
Tha D:
Yea, to the bitches that's standing on side of me cuase I refuse to let a punk bitch ride me
Gotta stay strong in the mind like a trojan, cause they can't stand to see a young nigga rollin'
I'm only 19, I gotta kind of good, I learned to play bitches by hangin' in the hood
And niggas try to fade the shit, stay down trick
Ya see me watch a brotha check a major grip casue I'm....
More than player, I'm more like a pimp
I'm more than a player, I'm more like a pimp
I'm more than a player, I'm more like a pimp
(Baby, niggas, Cause I'm a macaroni)