Can't Nobody (english Version) Testo

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Testo Can't Nobody (english Version)

Balmain to KTZ
Many style from A to Z
Jeremy Scott Givenchy
Bitch You ain't got shit on me
Chrome hearts
Fendi furs
Dripped in shits you never heard
Louboutin Hermes

Ridin' down Seoul city
Black on black Lamborghini
Haters can't never see me
Come and get me, too slow
I'm bout that paper chasing
Body, fly face amazing
Burn burn keeps it blazin
Too hot to handle, can't touch this
You think you with it with it
But you can't hit it hit it
U know I got it got it

Cuz I'm so bout it bout it
I let them hoes know
I run this show show
We get it poppin
And we stick you for your dough dough
Cuz I'm so bad bad
But I'm so good good
Yeah I'm so bad bad
And I'm so hood hood!

Can't nobody hold us down
Nothing's gonna take us down
And you think you can stop it
But we just can't stop it tonight
Can't nobody hold us down
Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down
We gon' keep it goin' bout to run this town
Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down
Cuz we keep rockin' we keep rockin'

So watch out when we come for you
Cuz playtime it's done for you
It's my time and it's my time
I'm pound for pound, best to ever come around
Be patient it's never been done
Asians we rise with the sun
Invasion, no mercy
Takeover, we thirsty

Every show we shut it down
Blow your speakers with this sound
Build you up then break you down
We comin to your town

Let's rock!
Just take it to the top
Ain't never gonna stop
Now all I wanna do is
Make you rock
Just take it to the top
Ain't never gonna stop
Now make em say NA-NA-NA-NA