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Testo Mindspin

Are you missing us
maybe wanting to be kissing us
and if you must, please don't be dismissing us
and when we're gone, bailin' on the bus

Are we immersed in a sea of replicants
hard exteriors and fake gold fronts
loosing yourself in the flavor of the month
gotta be a better reason to colonize a star
gotta be a better reason man's come so far

Is that you in the mama-ocean-people-sea
is that you in this dream as see waving at me
closer with one hand, while the other shields your eyes
as if surprised to see the universe begin

Being up on the mindspin
are you still glad that it has been
six years and seven months
this is want you want, don't front
I'm feelin' it right now
in this, the gold hour
part clock and part man
reconciling my life span

Keeps things whole
we move out of the space where air flows
when all of a sudden
here we are, and here we go
The evolutionary mind