Misdirected Hostility Testo

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Testo Misdirected Hostility

Now I'm not the type to just act like I know
puttin on an angle putting on a show
speaking on nothing makes you a stunt
I'll tell you right here yo I won't front
I cross the t's and skip nonlegitimacies, or else please
I cannot handle all the negative vibe merchants
is that all you have in you per chance
so much angst and pain it's so wack
you should take a tip from the one Frank Black
play some pachinko play some Parcheesi
cause all the angst s--- is just cheesy

It's a 311 bliss too smooth for pissed
lyrics talkin loud again, yeah we are the party men
cosmetics that you fretted we sport the high aesthetic
here go rap kickin the dazzled crazy mathematic (come on)
I am what I am mix some old school jams
on to tape cuz the party's in the crates I scan
step into the realm, what you gonna do
give the party people something funky to listen to

Misdirected hostility, that's what you got see