Don't Miss A Good Thang Testo

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Testo Don't Miss A Good Thang

Oh,Oh,Yea,Yea,Yea,Yea, U Kno You Hurt Me Baby(You Hurt Me Baby)

[Verse 1:]
This Pain That I Feel For You Inside, It Hurts Me So Bad,That I Wan Na Cry, Thaught You Would Be Right By My Side, And Aint Nobody Gone Treat You Baby, Like I Do

Dont Miss A Good Thing Till Its Gone (Till Its Gone),And Time Your Gonna See You Were Wrong(You Were Wrong,You Were Wrong)2x

[Verse 2:]
And Girl,I Tried,Tried So Damn Hard To Make Things Rite,But You,Can Not Say,How Much This Family Baby,Means To Me,Your Tryin To Get At Me,And Time I Saw----Little Jr. You Kno I Love You,But I Gotta Leave Ya Mama,She Drivin Me Crazy,


O Yea,O Yea,Yea Yea Yea,O Yea,O Yea, Yea Yea Yea,O Yea,O Yea,O Yea Yea Yea, I Kno Ya Friends Dont Like Me Baby,Cuz They Hate Im Your Baby Daddy