The Socio-Economic Petri Dish Testo

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Testo The Socio-Economic Petri Dish

The future’s jeopardized-soon there will be no place for
our kind Presently terrified faced with the horrors of a
biblical blight Too late to stock, lock & barrel, board-
ed up and feeling the weight Deflated dollar-white
collar barbarians are banging at the gate

Just Give Them What They Wanted-Just Give Them What They

Heavily invested in the very things that soon will
have us all pinned It’s blowing in the wind It’s time to
own it like it was your own sin Who needs a handout?
Trickle-down I’ve got my doubts not much of it can
Not gonna hold my breath unless they raise the price of oxy-gen Another Ponzi scam-another housing bubble bursting at the seams Now look who’s getting slammed-it’s you and me and the American Dream
Don’t want the layoffs but I don’t want the pay-offs to the men in the suits

And where we’re headed I have dreaded ‘cause nobody has the balls or a clue

Just Give Them What They Wanted
Just Give Them What They Want