Survivor Testo

Testo Survivor

(feat. Akon)

Didnt tell ya im a ridah, ridah
Rollin where the cash is
Lemme rap to ya, put the chrome in the ad-libs
On parollin the rap biz
See they dont know i turn happy homes into stash cribs
See everywhere i go, triple my work
Flip five nickels, icicles, sit on my shirt
Shit i be, Sittin ya turf, and gettin rid of my work
I blast, it aint the past when they diggin up dirt
See what u know about plates with weight from straight cuba,
I-95 blowin on state troopers
Takin dice money, just throwin tres dueces, im amazin
Take ya soldiers and make juniors,
And spray rugaz thatll injure ya health, im real
Hit the bookie and give the benz to myself
And my friends say im in it for dealt, well fuck it
Im a survivor, who else cud i depend on for help?

[Chrorus: Akon]
No mattter where i go, or where i stay, dont do it then im gonna do it my way, (just keep on movin now, just to keep on movin now) I gotta get this cake and get it today, and im gonna keep comin if ya stand in my way (just keep on movin now, just to keep on movin now)
Just ride wit me, ride wit ya boy
And roll wit me, roll wit ya boy
chea, now u rollin wit 40
u rollin wit 40
Ima ridah, disrespect the traffic light
A survior, known to hold the magnum tight
Hyptnotize ya, hoe knew i attract the dykes,
And make her go both ways like hazard lights
I keep it movin, why u think i rap this nice?
I got students, always give em fast advice
how to: bag, slice, grab the dice, well come walk with me, ill get ya swagga right
What u know about Willie and he crashed the bike
Same night at Willies and the jag in white
Its not rappin, its braggin rights
While im laughin
You in ya uncle benz like bags of rice, yikes