China Girl Testo

Testo China Girl

How do you find a place to sleep
When there's nowhere to go
Life must be a living hell to you
Only time will show
There with no clothes or food to eat
So filled with shame
Each tear that sits upon your face
I know them by name

When will you stop to hear that voice inside
That you tried to hide
No one can save you but you

China girl
Hope you find your way home
Cos my heart is beating
Waiting for your safe return
China Girl
Everybody loves you
All those hearts are breaking
It's not the same since you've been gone

Each night you feel the need to hold
Someone you don't know
To a place the emptiness inside
Start heading home
You're place was never on the street
You ignored you call
Did you know that pride was in the way
Before you'd fall

[Repeat Bridge]
[Repeat Chorus]

I'm asking you if i could find
Just where you had to sleep tonight
I wonder did you eat today
Did you get on your knees and pray
To free you from this misery
Thats not how life's supposed to be
No need for you to carry shame
There's no person here to blame

[Repeat Chorus x2]