Flag On Testo

Testo Flag On

(feat. D. Cole)

Uh Ooh!

I got my flag on so you know I be
Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin [x2]
I got my flag on so you know I be flaggin [x2]
I got my flag on so you know I be
Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin, Flaggin

You know I'm real right
So you know I be raggin
Catch me flamed up
Hoppin' out that G-wagon
With the homies on bloody ave G-mackin'
B stackin I'm stackin bridge he's action
Bacon gettin' loose and these niggas get me curious
While they only flag up, once I'm gettin' serious
Niggas get delirious, nigga is you serious?
These flags ain't bad, you better strap with the back

I be the F-L-A-M-E-to the-S
Ya'll ready know homie I be the best
I rep the 5 all day
I put it on my chest
Touch my flag homie
You'll get 5 on ya chest
I rep the East
But you can't forget about the West
One beef homie better Vef in da Tech
47 to ride
Homie is the best
Got guns over here, it's like heads over necks
(Braaa!) [x13]


Mothafucka I'm the truth in dis' booth
I'll hit you with' the back of the gun just to loosin' ya tooth
Dudes fuckin with' a nigga that's loose
I'll put the iron to ya grill nigga like the front of the coup
And you know I be raggin'
Jeans stay saggin'
G'd up from the feet up
And no I ain't braggin'
I got gun to spray ya block up
Like I'm taggin'
Niggas better back the fuck up
Before I drag em'

I be the B-R-I-D-G-E
Flag to the right for the set for 93 (Braaa!)
Niggas gettin' mad cause I'm gettin' tougher than some billa billa
And I'm gettin' get yea something like a pilla pilla
Eastside 5 and you know how I do
Damu dog
And I bang with' piru too
Bs up homie
Blooded out to the flesh
Take it as my set yes
Bang till' the death
(Braaa!) [x13]


Flags, guns, sex, cash, weed, hoes, tax, blast
Ma gimme the bun, neck, ass
Henny and haze make the sex last
Pimps, hustlas, hoes, g's
Bikes, cars, trolleys
Ma you know me
Show me, moby

Ayo I'm back spittin' game
Put the flow nothin' the tracks
Gun under the bed
Act up I'm gettin' it
I got 357 that make you back flip
Shawty lift you high
Pump known as that
Fuck an nigga, hit him up
Niggas wanna front
Punk nigga hit a pump
Have you scramblin' like mike vick
Niggas out here be talkin' shit like they got shit
Reach before your hip
You ain't got no gun to sidekick
(Braaa!) [x13]


[D. Cole:]
Ooh can you believe dat
I'm on the track
Now niggas believe dat
Hold up
Get ya receipt back cause
Ya'll track is wack
Cause D. Cole ain't on that
Spit or go home yea I own that cd
Yo that's my throne
Uh Ooh!