Be My Bitch Testo

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Testo Be My Bitch

Shawty say she straight
I can't wait till the night will turn it out babe
Take her to a different world
Get the baby girl

No fuck you up at..
You've been calling the first day
We gonna have some drink on me
It's my trip yeah you ain't gotta pay
Take her us down town
And my badly drop top show em all around
Later when you get back show you how we live
Then she take it all sooner she's definitely in the crib

You're so sweet come see me
I'ma give you what you need
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch
I'm take you to my spot jump on top
I'ma give you everything you got
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch
You can be my bitch, you can be my bitch

My girl got a girlfriend I call her play thing
Why would I complain she's everything to me man
We match together perfect
Isn't this amazing, isn't this amazing that massage minaj
They turned on I'm hot
Three six lay text I'm playin my part
Penetration over fixation, no camera taping
We're making the bullshit until this damn..making
Now I can tell you from you know how to shiko
This thing I got with my bitch is so..when I'm in this mento
I'm bout to break it down on all the freaky she we in to
And feel not in the hurry now in the middle was to get you

Right we get in the crib, step right here
All you know this is, you can be my bitch


I'm heading out of state
Got a jet waiting on the run way baby
I'll be gone for a while I'm living you in charge now
And shawty won't play and then you tell when I'm away it ain't no game
And I go back and know how is just going down
And be back up in this bitch passing all around

You want me to just play my role
You want me to come take control ohh
Ey ey
You want me to move in too slow
You just wanna see me run this show
Let's go, let's go, let's go

[Refrain] (x2)

She love me man
Yes it's true