Double Up-tone Mason Testo

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Testo Double Up-tone Mason

[feat. Hayes]

It is what it is, son, niggers can't stand it
It's my flip flop and niggers been rounding 'round the planet
Welcome to Miami. Our friends say welcome to Miami.
There's keys to jah, welcome to back yard
Back to back poses and niggers go there hard
I love money. Niggers just drove money
Lord, if I spin circle there is no money
Leave none to a nigger, nigga I'm comfy'
Grow honey racks on a bitch, I told you she want me
If I want the hoe, I get the hoe, fuck the hoe and forget the hoe
Then a hoe be a hoe be a pimp, pay the rent
I'm a fly nigger on a hotel by flashy
But it's natural, then nigga tell me now, can you buy them?
And I've been this nigger South side since it's first day
I told the nigger suck a dick quick, 'cause I'm stretching.

I make a double up, few blocks role
I, I did it, I got to get more
I make a double up, baby soothed them all
The way the bedless and manchies they mumble on the floor.
I make a double up.

We're gonna at the side of the boarder chillin' with drug lords
Tryin' to put a word in, doin' the drug wars
They say: this what happen when you disrespect one of us
And cut the motherfucker hand right in front of us

That's when I said I'm going back to Cali. My man said he goin' back to Cali.
I know some Mexicans in Arizona, I'm cool, bro
I'd rather slang them to come and deal with this bullshit.
'Cause I ain't gonna buzz. Pay me a dodgie dog, it ain't no love
Niggers know who they owe, my number ain't change, bitch
Front door serve this program in the grand quick
Could have put it right in your chest, close rain shit
Watch you die slow, let you know who you flamber
Fuck all that swearing to God, promise and friendship
I ain't the big sub stored, friend, I'm spread ship
Twelve GJ and fifteen ain't payin' shit
Passenger seats goin' get killed, I'm saying this
Prince pals, we don't drown a line of drug dealers
In the preminals going all out.
Before I say you played me I'll go in your house
And get killed there, blow your fucking brains out
You gotta bring ass to get some, you gotta make cash to spend some
And I ain't a victim, motherfucker.