Not Rich, Still Lying Testo

Testo Not Rich, Still Lying

[50 Cent talking]
Is this mic on, lady's and gently men
I like to thank you all for coming out tonight
For the screening of my new film
I'm Not Rich, and Still Lying
Its 50 cent starring as Game
Sort of biographic, I hope you enjoy yourself

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]
50 calling me crazy, I may be just maybe
I'm gangster, I'm kreping, I'm move to I'm dripping
F*** 50, f*** Dre, f*** NWA
Man I'm hurricane Game (EM this n**** changed)
I brought the west back, I write the best raps
(but what about Snoop), Snoop s*** ain't all that
Man I get bad b****es, now I even f*** Mya
(I f***ed the first Game), 50 you a liar
See that's why I hate you, you think you know me
I'm tell everybody, you shot my homie
I hope the police get you and you go to jail
The Feds freeze you accounts, and you can't make bail
I hope everybody on G-Unit goes to hell
With Eminem, Obie, Stack-qo, and D12
So what I was a ? guard, so what I was a stripper
So what I never banged, I from Compton n****

Now horror films, they scare me
I watch action films vary rarely
When its comedy or its drama
Its starring me, no problem

[Verse 2 - 50 Cent]
GGGGG-Unot, I got my own shoe (game that s*** aint go sale)
So the ads in the magazine, nobody can't tell
(good luck with your next album man, I hope it does well)
You trying to be funny, D-Mack got all my money
And Jimmy robbing me, they listen probably
Me and face had a fall out, he really not my brother
We got the same father, but we got different mothers
Now Suge punk Dre, but he don't punk me
I'm on the Vibe Awards this year, nobody punch me
(Game you know I write that hook, for hate it or love it)
So what, it still on my trophy case I think noting of it


[50 cent talking]
Ha, ha, ha, this is too much fun man
Ay, ay n**** I seen your little DVD n****
Ha, ha, ha, it that all you got
I mean, I mean news flash, nobody believes you
Ha, ha, ha, did it you say you wake up out the coma 2001
Well your brothers says, you were never in a coma
Did it you say, you were in a gang
Well your brothers says, you were never in a gang
Now you can get your records together
And you can submit, to me
I mean you can send the records you have
To me so I can... open... your album budget
Your recording budget, you got to send the music to the boss
Ha, ha, ha, ha, that's me the boss
Yeah its G-Unit, G-Unit
That it that song, I rule with a iron fist