All You Got Testo

Testo All You Got

Your life's a disaster & you live there after
You do nothing are nothing and that's how it's gonna be
You would change your ways one of these days
But as always that was nothing but talk
The one you let down is you, which is nothing new
Been like this for quite a while now
Give yourself a helping hand & try to understand
The one you hurt the most is yourself

Nothing but talk - that's your way
So much talk - nothing gets done
What you've got - all you got
Is your talk - that's hurting you the most

Ain't fooling no one else so why try to fool yourself
You know how things are & who's to blame
If you deep down inside, has got any pride
Then it's time for a change
Don't let it get more out of hand, get in command
Cause I know you got it in you
It's time to make this stop gotta get on top
Of your life and put an end to your talk