Still Heartbroken Testo

Testo Still Heartbroken

A year has passed and I still have this cold black pit where my heart used to be.
What did I do to make you stop loving me?

You're everything I wanted. A buried treasure that I found.
And now I feel so empty. I never picked my heart up off the ground.

Why'd you have to be so good to me? Cuz now it hurts me to hate you.
You denied me of my right to heal. And my heart's still broken.

What did I do to make you push me away.
I did everything you told me to. I never thought you were the type to make someone feel played.

Now I sit and cry alone at night. And look at the pictures of us together.
Our favorite song plays in the background. It reminds me of our first dance.

All I have are pictures of you and broken dreams to hold onto.
Hold onto....