Indian Testo

Testo Indian

There are ten wild horses
feeding on the grass alone
watched by an indian
he tries to catch them all.
With his eagle on his shoulder
talking to the setting sun
he waits fot the momentt
for the night to come
Hidden in the rocks,
watching the horses
how they run,
they play in the river
called bogos golden tongue
sending out his eagle
to show him where to go.
It takes him to a foreign land
he's never been before.

I wished i were an indian
and going with the wind;
I can fly with the butterflies,
no high-tech, no rainy eyes
I'd love to be an indian
in mother nature's paradise,
no co2 in the air
I wished I was there (x2)

He awakes in the morning
with the rising sun,
his eagle and the horses,
they went away,
they're gone.
He tries to find his way back home
to where he once belonged,
but the world has change
into a place
where something has gone wrong

I wished I where an indian...

This indian he's called tadero,
he's the youngest son
of big chief farero
and i believe he's still alive
in his beautiful paradise
away from mother earth
somewhere in the universe

I wished I where an indian...(x2)