Lotl Testo

Testo Lotl

You only like me when I focus on the better things
Glass never empty, filling cups with nauseous energy
Sick of pretending I’ve found peace in mediocrity
I climbed the walls to find release, we’re sinking

What does it take to make amends?
Where is the beauty in madness?

We live outside the lines
Committed to our crimes
I’ve been living with this bug-bite in my brain that’s driving me insane
Tell me what it takes to fix what I became
Tell me what it takes so I can live again

I burnt the old house down and threw the ashes in the sea
This lucid dreaming painful reruns of reality
There was a point in time when all of this made sense to me
It tastes bittersweet accepting progress with my tendencies
December came and went again
I can’t stop shaking I get lost in my own head
Whatever happened to passion?

Time goes ready or not, there’s nothing we can do but hold onto what we’ve got