Loud & Clear Testo

Testo Loud & Clear

[Verse 1]
We can go blow for blow until we're old and gray
You're flow's openly gay hope and pray
That your next LP'll be ghost wrote by Shay
That's the only way you won't die fruity like Ocean Spray
I prefer you recite them verses
Cuz most of your shit sound like a throw away
You ain't a pro you a protégé
This is animal rap, it ain't open mic poetry day
You ain't a solider and no you ain't a trooper
Frontin' like a thug in a Civ when you in deep in a mini cooper
Hooba Shay stay ready for clashin'
My tongue gives out more lashin' than the passion

[Chorus: Esoteric]
This goes out, to every hungry wanna battle emcee
Workin' full time doin' battle entry
This goes out, to the people that sniffin' on the game
Till they overload they brain like an overdose of cane
This goes out, to the workin' man streets dollar holler
In your ear sayin' fuck George Bush now they clear
Get em outta' hear show that cat the door
Cuz we don't wanna hear that bullshit no more

[Verse 2]
You can look at this verse as a word to the wise
Realize open up your eyes
We got people over seas gettin' blown to bits and thrown in a ditch
While Bush is at the game throwin' out the openin' pitch
Double vision bird strugglin' with words
Like Fox news tryin' to pronounce the names of, Arabic Kurds
His staff is absurd
Fuck a chicken I'll battle pride them cats ain't served
On the real it's true I'd dodge a draft too
But see, I don't want what them muthafuckas do
They, all talk like Republican radio
Really only right-winger I supports Cam Neely


[Verse 3]
ES, that's what they call em
Schizophrenic like Smeagal of Golem
How can we stall em, rappers keep fallin'
Y'all are off track like skiin' through a slalom
Read the column mark obituary fickle merry
Men I slay Shay's still a visionary
Who loves women, knows a bitches need
Good sex and bump shoes like Richard Reed
A jail with rebellious minds
Who held time on the frontlines a month at a time
Peace to mankind, y'all can quote this rhyme
I'm well read like a book with a broken spine