B Rabbit Vs Future Testo

Testo B Rabbit Vs Future


Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cuz he ain’t got no place to go


And I’m now I’m right back in the gutter
With a garbage bag that’s full of clothes

Cuz you live at home in a trailer
What the hell u gonna do?


Cuz I live at home in a trailer
Mom I’m coming home to you

Well my names jimmy and his names Greg Buel
And me him n u went to the same school.
This ain't cool, I'm in a rage, he's tappin my mom
Were almost the same age
On the microphone I drop bombs
Look at this car, thanks a lot mom!
Here happy birthday rabbit
Here's a brand new car, u can have it
Its 1928 delta. this shit wont even get me to the shelter.
And I cant even say I'm from Motown.
Cause I'm back in the 810 now

Cuz I live at home in a trailer,
Mom I'm comïn home to you