Bigger Vision Testo

Testo Bigger Vision

The year
The year was 1993
A young nigga ain’t have too much
Just a coming out hard a city
And a vision
A vision to take over the motherfuckin streets
The nickel and a diamond was cool
But then a nigga had a bigger vision
A vision to stand up with street music
A vision to pledge allegiance to southern hip-hop
Ayo Ball I think you feel me nigga

Yea, charming south nigga, fat boy Premro
Walk into the club like you seeing it in slow mo
Dig bad bitches, that’s the ball of my entourage
8 B A L L coming out hard
Same nigga more mature, I’m classy
You can’t see it bitch, put on your glasses
Hustle Bentley in the Chevy hood icon
45 extra clip, I might got one
Lame nigga lookin stupid, I am not one
Green choke you in your head and I got some
Orange Mountain, Memphis 10 where a nigga from
(Where a nigga from, where a nigga from)

I got a bigger vision than just rhyming all my life
Even though I love it so I wanna rhyme all my life
Innocence interrupted by other dealer streets
And I got front row seats, my skin feel the heat chick
Hard at all times, razor blade lines
God send that a storm, I see the tailor made mine
I’mma play in gold Rolex, value is never lost
I’m a Big Mac with extra letters and extra sauce
Cross generations like the lumbers cross seas
Most popular down south, everybody know me
Top it off with my legendary rapability
It mean nothing when you don’t show it financially

And I know, I know
That’s a nigga keep hustling
‘Cause I got a bigger vision

And many any dollar bills later
Many many bad bitches later
The legend 8Ball still stand here before you
Premro 2 nigga
Real southern music for the fuckin streets nigga