Don't 4get Testo

Testo Don't 4get

[Hook x4: Eightball]
We run this shit
And we don't give a fuck who you be run-nin with
So don't forget

Gotta keep it.. gangsta
How many of y'all know a real gangsta?
Cutthroat, leave you in ya car shanked up
At the ATM machine, in yo' Lexus
You must be on that dust wanna come test us
My fam is monsters like my name Fester's
One deep but yo I got eighteen guns
Thirty-six clips, two for each one
Ride out, bet a nigga use at least one
Uzi out the sunroof, bitch you betta run
I roll wit them boys out the 9-0-1
7-1-3 to the 2-8-1
You hate one nigga like me so
I keep 32's 38's 44's
I speak for myself no cliques no gang
I rap but a nigga will clap them thangs

[Hook x4]

Aiyyo, I'm bout to getchu niggaz open (open)
Me and my bitch drunk as hell, steady smokin (smokin)
Pass it to ya moms in the backseat, she chokin (chokin)
Dippin through the toll booth nigga with no token
Pedal to the metal, hooptie hit the blocks and
Shorty shootin yellow paintballs at the cops shit
White kids parents in the front yards is watchin
Actin like The Beatles is here, givin me props and *clapping*
I'm half-naked in the car with my boots on
Tanned it out, passin the hunnies, gettin my woof on
Think I won't fuck a fat bitch, ya dead wrong
You pretty yellow bitches is gettin the head song *slurping*
Wantchu to hump wit it
Workin it like ya doin Tae-Bo and use ya tongue wit it
When dawg get my bricks, we jump in the six
Old school, porno flicks, Walter D in the mix (dick walk)
Dunns with more guns than Pun shot uhh
Dorasel blow more C's than one crop
Catchin a case, you fuckin wit me
Now who want it with these dirty niggaz, Ball and G?

[Hook x4]

First of all, know this, I ain't a new nigga
So don't act surprised when I come and do niggaz
Made ya crew give up, somebody say "uncle"
Slumped him over slow with the rifle let one go
Uncomfortable, bleedin bad, and turnin blue
That's the way me and my niggaz like to leave you
We true gangstaz, equipped with the guns and drugs
Mean mugs, actin bad just because
That's how it does and ya damn sure gon' respect it
Get K.O.ed like Tekken or took out with the tec and
Ya best bet is to invest in a body suit
And be well-protected, when we come through
Screw .22's we got military issued
High powered artillery, to come and get you
And you gon' get Godful with that punk shit
Nah you ain't slick trick you just forgot who runs dis

[Hook x4]

[Eightball talking]
Yeah.. sendin this shit out
Sendin this shit out, to all my real gangsta-ass niggaz
Yaknahmsayin.. all my homeboyz that's straight keepin it gangsta
Rest in peace niggaz, these niggaz is sissies
These niggaz is hoes.. these niggaz is bitches
You niggaz is undercover booty bandits
You niggaz is FAKE, you niggaz is way unreal, yaknahmsayin
Fake-ass niggaz, out here playin games and shit
Niggaz is hoes, doin that hoe-ass shit
Yeah.. niggaz ain't done nuttin
Niggaz ain't gon' do nuttin, get the fuck outta here