A Night In Brooklyn Testo

Testo A Night In Brooklyn


I can't live without her loving
Now we're done I had it coming
Time with you feels like forever
Your mind used my last endeavor

And I know shes the one 'cause she hold me close
I can tell when you high I can tell when you low
'Cause there's no other girl that I want in Dior
She just take off her shirt and she touching her soul
And I told her to be who she wanted to be
I'm the boy in the woods that was climbing the tree
She's the girl in the trees that was laughing at me
Used to sin with me first like we Adam and Eve (ohhhh)

Didn't know she saw that
Even after all that
Waiting for the call back
I told her I still love her like I used to and I need her
But she never knows what she needs to
I hate when she bleeds cus I bleed too
'Cause I need you (woah)

Nights In Brooklyn
Last forever
She never gave me back my sweater
One day we can be together
In my dreams as if we never met