Growing Old Testo

Testo Growing Old

I'm gonna tell you what you don't want to hear You're gonna hear the truth You're gonna find out how life can be so unfair Don't let them try to take control of you Stand tall and walk with pride Believe in yourself and good things will come to you Live your life how you feel is right Weigh the consequences and think before you do Before you know it your youth is gone Responsibility has found its way to you So while you're still young take full advantage Pack your days with memories to bring along with you I know that when I look back It will always bring a smile to my face And as I look to the future I see so many more that I can hardly wait Growing old doesn't mean that the fun has to end We all grow old now's the time to let the good times begin Don't let your life slip by I know there's still a million things I want to try before I die The time has come to seize the day Do what you want and do it now tomorrow may be too late