There's No Place Like Home Testo

Testo There's No Place Like Home

She's just lying there trembling in her sleep, no encouragement, only rape, violence and greed. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure, Pressure Pressure from the medias, beauty standards she must meet they'll shut you out before you even realise it, silence will have you buried alive. They'll shut you down because there's no place like home to realise how violence has poisoned your life. He's just sitting there too fucked up to find sleep, he doesn't feel the ground and he doesn't feel his feet. Failure, Failure, Failure, Failure. His failure to conform has thrown him right out on the street. What does your role models have to say? When your best friend slips away. When a kid you know learns his lesson the hard way. What do they really have to say? There's no place like home.