Mouthful Of Spiders Testo

Testo Mouthful Of Spiders

Seceret and silent, I peer out into the night
Passionate, violent, I watch as I see the light,
passing right by from the city to the skyline
Each moment in fragments, I push through the static to see

To see if I find my way out of this darkness I'm hiding in
To stop this heart from falling apart
I can see the tension in the shadow over me
Lets step right out, forget our doubts ‘till we can see.
Quiet like spiders, we crawl out the crack
As the light gets brighter, so vivid, so clear
If I could just touch it or pull it down, closer,
As I try to grab it, it slips through my fingers once more

I wish I could find my way through
I'm so sick of watching and so tired of waiting
It's unrewarding
To be the last one left behind for the sake of it al