Melting Jellyfish Testo

Testo Melting Jellyfish

Musica e Testo: Andrea

I love my Summer
Is where I don't feel bad
And I can forget all the moments so sad

I love my Summer
Is the way I feel right
Fun for friend, the sun, the seaside

I love my Summer
Wind thru the air
And never sit again in this goddamn chair

I love my Summer Be burned by sun
Have girls, have friends have a lot of fun

What's the matter when the school is over
Wasting time like only Simpson Homer can do
Wake up late and having no frustration
It's the own holiday of my imagination

I wanna enjoy good times (x2)

I love my Summer
Where the girls are so cool
And spend all the day in the swimming pool
I love my Summer
Building castles of sand
And playing in concert with my emo punk band

What's the matter...

I wanna my vacation (x2)
I wanna enjoy good times (x2)

This miracle that happens only once at year
That burn so fast and soon will be faded away
Like a jellyfish on the sand that melts under the sun
Tearful farewells, photos, memories and no more fun
...Memories and no more fun (x3)

I wanna enjoy good times (x2)
I still wanna enjoy good times (x2)