Nevermore Will They Have An Understanding Testo

Testo Nevermore Will They Have An Understanding

do you know the glorious? do you know they breathe and live? the strict attention that they give toward their competition is comparable to any domiant country that exists today not allowing their alertness to be distracted while they take what they want your actions are useless the appalled know not to question or act our toward the glorious in a harmful manner the result woudl disastrous eighter side you choose can be negative or positive so i appalled walk away with their eyes closed and mouths gaping open trying to take in each breath they can as they walk away they never question them they never even think twice about it and all we here is his born you can hear him strain as the pitch retreats deeper into a gloom monotone note there is a sudden silence which consumes the crowd a second later faces start to grow old with age stress soaks eyes with a foggy coat of depression lips wrinkled as the air grows bitterly cold i am running trying not to look back leaping over fallen bodies and seeking shelter from this living hell