Cross My Heart Testo

Testo Cross My Heart

If I pretend it's just a dream, will it still bother me?
Will it still shake me from my sleep screaming
"You've gotta take control of your life
Don't ignore all your pains
Don't throw away the one thing you've fought to attain"

If I keep running at this pace, will it chase after me?
Will it wait 'til I lose my breath
To take away what I have left behind
Scratched from your mind
That's me in the picture, content at the moment
So happy with life 'cause I feel I'm on top of the world

I know that the world won't stop if I leave
But tell me you'll forget me not, no, promise me
Cross my heart and hope to live through these memories
Because that's all life really is
A moment's worth is what you make it
Make mine worth a lot, and forget me not

I never told you but sometimes I feel
That this world I see has no place for me
But it's your open arms, honest eyes, attentive smile
That can make me feel the seasons, they change just for me
And only me

I'm more than just a fucking song
I'm more than just a friend
I'm more than any role this world can place on me
And I'm not afraid to die
Because I'm not afraid to live while I'm alive
When you think of me, always keep those words in your mind