The Eternal Optimist Testo

Testo The Eternal Optimist

We've come too far this time to throw away our time, to have us fall to pieces.
Our lives are on the line, no longer have the time, to let ourselves just waste this.

I, I think I'll run away again, I think I'll burn my time again, I think of all the wasted moments that have passed me by.
I'm off to live my life this way, I'll say I'm better off someday for not deceiving myself, expecting more from life.

Gotta figure it out, gotta get back gotta get back to the way it was when we knew the sky's the limit, and we'd write our names in it some day.
Gotta figure it out, gotta get back, gotta get back to the person I was: ambitious and a dreamer—driven by hopes and bigger plans.

No I'm not going out like this if I don't give life my all, I'll never know...

Still got my optimism after all and I may be a fool but I will die before I give in to the pain you suffer through when you tell yourself life's not worth living.
For as long as I'm alive I'll be dying to find meaning in this life.

Now I wake up ready for a brand new day. Though my reflection looks like shit I'm still okay—alive and breathing.
And I won't waste my time trying to impress anybody else. I live my life for those who live their lives for me.

“I won't say a thing without thinking. I won't live a life without meaning. Won't try less than my best,” a tattoo for the backs of my eyelids says.

No I'm not going out like this if I don't give life my all, I'll never know...

I run my hands through these grains of sand on this Delaware beach where I walk with my friends and the sunrise takes my breath again.
As the sun reflects on the ocean's calm waters, the world as I see it's in perfect disorder, like a melody that just didn't make sense 'til the end.

There are subtle moments when I see the truth and can stop to appreciate it.
Now I don't fear the end because we'll always live in what we've created.

Still got my optimism afterall...