Unsound Testo

Testo Unsound

(Just for the song) I must be crazy (crazy), 'cause that's just how I feel when I'm on stage here, living out my dream. And since I've thrown away my education and haven't made a dime, (I've) been pleading with the universe for a reason to my rhyme, but she's just burning me down.

Oh, but I love the songs where I could sing the verse and then you could sing the choruses. And the air feels full of promise, full of hope--I breathe it in. I breathe in.

I must be so gone since I've stopped myself from thinking that I'm someone they all wanted me to be. Sometimes I wonder if my efforts are all ego or they're from something real inside of me. And I've chosen this existence where we're always racing time and we're running on pure passion, leaving everything and everyone behind.

I must be crazy. (Crazy, but I feel so alive.) I must be crazy when me and my friends are in our element and we are one--connected by the sound, and the beating of our hearts (is) to the rhythm of the song we sing. On and on just for the song we sing.

(All these songs allow me to feel just a little bit. All these words come out and I pray that they understand.)
One day we'll look back and these days will sing forever. They'll be the anthems to our setting sun. One day we'll look back and these days will sing forever, my friend, and we'll sing along.
But she's just burning me down