Voice To The Willing Testo

Testo Voice To The Willing

Come to Me all you weary I will give you life this night. They call me Forgiver, I AM, leaving all your past behind. You will seek and you will find when you seek with all your heart. Lay down your pride, give up your life, I'm the one who makes you whole.

Come after Me, I will be your everything you need. My grace is sufficient for you, and I know the price I paid will give you a new hope. With love I cry out for you to finally be mine.

Can You take this piece of me, fill it up despite the emptiness and greed? I'm not worthy. I will take this piece of you, fill it so you're not alone, I love you too much I won't let go.

I AM the way to be, I AM the truth you need, no one comes to My Father except through me.

Fall down acknowledge me that I AM your king, I will breathe into you, I will set you free. You will hear me, don't harden your heart, I AM all you need.
When I call will you hear me? Will you hear me?

Come to me all you weary, lay down your pride, I will give you life. You will not be alone, I love you too much I'll never let go. Will you come after me?