1914 Testo

Testo 1914

Wait, wait, listen to that sound, the cannonballs have all fallen down. The
snow, it falls through the night, and blankets the frozen ground.
And just for one moment, just for one night, you can rest, you can rest and
not fear the sky.

Pre- Chorus:

Picture after picture of pain and of strife. I've seen my friends go before my
own eyes. You, your eyes are blue, and you, you've lost friends too. You your caught in the crossfire of Europe's war.

One day, one day only...the fighting stops, defenses drop, brothers talk.

Verse 2:

Hold on, stop and pray, there's no movement inside the trench. The enemy doesn't look so mean when Christmas fires are lit. Just for one moment, just for one night, we can be, we can be, side by side.

Instrumental break:

Pre-chorus 2:

Day after day of fighting and dying. My eyes are tired of seeing, of crying.
Tonight, the air is cold, but tonight our hearts are warm. Tonight, we're caught in the crossfire of Europe's war.

Chorus 2 :

Let the bombings come, we can take it all, hell or high water, even if the sky
falls. But, I know we're sunk with all we can take, when I look around and I
see this heartbreak. Cuz' we weren't meant to inflict such wounds, doesn't
matter who we are or what we have to prove. Strike me, I bleed, but won't
strike back. Lie to me, Jesus has died for that. There is nothing you can do to counter love.

Chorus 3
For one day, one day only....a child was born, one man died, He came back alive