New Or Leans Testo

Testo New Or Leans

This place has turned to hell,
Keep to the code and save yourself,

The whiskeys risin' and risin',
I got you baby and you got me all shook,
This ship will take me to somewhere thats safe,
This is the same trip that Morrison took,

And now the prisons underwater again,
And now they got them out on the bridge,

The theatres up in flames no more,
The damsels not acting so distressed,
Trapped in a car underwater they're dead,
We need the hero for this tragic event,

Looking at the fear in another ones eyes,
And it's staring at me and its no surprise,

And now we're gone,

I won't go now leave me,
I won't go now,
I won't go now save me,
I won't go now,

The creole it looks so beautiful,

My eyes will remain bloodshot,
(and a blind man can't see)
Through the climax,
Or what is left,
Oh Yeah!