Julie June Testo

Testo Julie June

Julie June come back to me
I?m not the man I used to be
Julie June I really miss you so
Tell me Julie June where did you go
Washing dishes in a ? sink
? your girlfriend think
Sitting in corners
When I?m on my own
Julie June I taste the tip of your tongue
Singing songs that never been sung
And I?m with you everywhere you go
I am the creature that crawls into your bed
I am the nightmare ? with you?re head
I am the ?floor
I am the knife in your kitchen draw
? you want
? you need
? this time
Tasting the air that we breath
? I want
Come on back to my open arms
Give me the air that I need to breathe
Julie June I know you got my back
But I don?t really want to see you like that
Will bring you home
You home
Julie, Julie had made you?
Julie, Julie had made you?
Julie, Julie had made you run away?
Julie, Julie had I wish you?