Reaching The Potential Testo

Testo Reaching The Potential

A scholar's wit in a boxing ring
Went floating by on a hummingbird wing
Wide enough to guide you in
With the sun in our eyes we started shivering
Any way we know how, we're going to get our bellies full
By living on a fault-line, are we reaching our potential?
Animals in cages, actors on a payroll
Maybe in our lifetime, are we reaching our potential?
If you reach your potential, we reach our potential
We'll be laughing with our bellies full
We're tyrants on a soap box, with orders from the frontline
We're fighting for our children, are we reaching our potential?
A romance in a rainstorm to cut across enemy lines
I love you, do you love me? Are we reaching our potential?
Orders from the frontline
Living on a fault-line
Maybe in our lifetime, maybe in our lifetime