Summer Testo

Testo Summer

Summer, you are waiting for your summer
you're waiting for the sunburns
to lick on your skin
running, you dry your tears
and running you stop your ears
and run on to listen to your beat
Summer, you are waiting for your summer
like scratches on your knees
hammer, with all your strength you hammer
at the gates of the heavens
until your finger bleed
over the cherry field and over
you run until dawn and
your ghost fall asleeo
summer, you really need the summer
like lilies need the bees
and if it's all too easy
why all i do is run
while the sun tries to kiss me?
and if i'd take a star
all would look so far
but all in all we are
we are powder just like star
and when the summer comes
to set the sky on fire
and dry the weary hearts
...all i do is run!