Huck Fosier Testo

Testo Huck Fosier

This is not a song
This is not even a fucking warning
I'm coming for all you motherfuckers
If you diss me, I'm coming to your front door
There won't be no reply

Le-le-let me make this crystal clear
This country rap ain't shit to hear
Y'all ain't moved an inch in years
Stuck in the mud, shiftin' gears
You must write your raps with crayons
Hosier's got like a dozen fans
Know for fuckin' his cousin and
Talkin' shit but won't throw hands
You ain't a man you a bitch, right
You buddy up and you switch sides
Can't get nowhere so you dick ride
That's straight up, midnight

Don't get me wrong, tryin' to put us on
But half of y'all can't write a song
The other half is doin' shit
They build it up and you ruin it
It's time to man up, no more bitch
Why you on stage grabbin' your dick
Talkin' about the beers you drink
And braggin' about the cans you dip
You so camo I can't see you
This ammo make yo' ass see-through
Talk tough, get fucked, tossed in the trunk
Then take that punk to ICU

What's a hillbilly, get killed really
I fuck with ol' boy chicken willie
It's summer time buyin' still chili
Can't touch your boy but you still feel me
I'll choke a hater with Copenhagen
Dope as fuck, no mistakin'
Far as hick-hop, I hit the top
Whether or not that shit's vacant

Hold up!, Hold up!, Hold up!, Hold up!
This is Who The Fuck is Justin Time?
This is Redneck Rave shit motherfuckers
What y'all think I wasn't gonna get on here and talk my shit
Y'all sadly motherfuckin' mistaken, now check this out
Y'all motherfuckers wanna talk about y'all gonna piss on somebodies boots
I've got 17 motherfuckin' reasons why you ain't gonna step bitch
You got a motherfuckin' problem
When you see me, make sure yo' ass hop out that motherfuckin' truck bitch
Let's go

You, you, you thought I was done though
No, no, no harm to the teeth in a no gun zone
Got an army with me, quit talkin' to me
Lights on upstairs but nobodies home
Nobodies on shit, just fight me
Nobody wants it, unlikely
Get stomped out by Red Wing boots
We don't do soft shit around here, fuck Nike

You won't pull it, shotgun bullets wreck your whole body
All I hear is a lot of bullshit, you ain't nobody
Who's going to check me, I'm waitin'
Please don't test me, my patience
Runnin' out, don't run your mouth
This gun I got ain't got no safety
Lord have mercy, I mean that
If I react, it means hearses
Bunch of virgins
I can't fuck with these bitches weak ass verses
This is curtains, show's over
Not for me, but for those of
You who oppose the fact I just showed you
That the game is over