Last Night Testo

Testo Last Night

Last night, you were so into itYou told me secrets thatYou never told a soulYou were so nervous andYet oh so comfortableAs we explored your image of loveI drank your wine as you taste mineI kissed your lips you felt my body slipInto your soulI almost cried cuz it was so beautiful1 - Last Night I was inside of youLast Night while making love to youI saw the sun, the moon, the mountains and the riversI saw heaven when I made sweet love to youLast night there was no believing itIt was so specialAnd so very innocentWe talked of memoriesOur favorite fantasiesAs we explored our visions of loveDeep in the nightRight by the firesideYou felt my candlelight in your soulYou felt incredibleI started to explodeI almost cried cuz it was so beautifulRepeat 1Sunlight, red rosesThe scent of you it calms the heartThe sight of you I fall apartMoonlight, the things we noticedOh we're in loveThat's when it comesand I'm so, I'm so in loveRepeat 1 until fade