Fuck February Testo

Testo Fuck February

All this freezing rain and now its cold as shit,
My car won't start,
So there she fucking sits!
February, February, Fuck!

White and fluffy doom,
Mono-colored gloom,
Someone start a fire in my fucking room!
February, February, Fuck!
Concrete and curbs are all thats on my mind,
I just can't wait to leave these days behind.
February, February, Fuck! Fuck it!

Why? Cus' I hate February,
No sun to be seen,
One step outside you'll feel what I mean.
It's torture,
Triple layered clothes.
3 pairs of socks,
And frostbit toes.
It's crazy I'm counting day by day,
The ground is frozen it's more than I can take.
Wind burns and open sores,
Life goes on and I'm trapped indoors!
February, February, I hate snow, And I hate you!