Summer Testo

Testo Summer

They say there's fewer sounds sweeter than the tone of children's laughter
It captures men's hearts - proof life ends happily ever after
And at eight years old, in the sunshine, a princess
Held access to the fairy tale to be her sole witness
Hop scotch on the block in the hot Chicago sun
Double Dutch, selling lemonade til the day was done
Summer's world shone bright, despite never knowing her biological
Parents that placed her in a dumpster near the hospital
Nurse Jones raised her right, and did all that was possible
For a woman of sixty-five that had her own life's obstacles
Provided all she could afford, "a Ford" pickup and a tenement
Clean clothes, food, medicine, all bought for Summer's betterment
Hesitant to let her out on the sidewalk alone
For fear of what was on the corner a few steps from home
But seasons change and it seems to have shown
She couldn't protect Summer when she was full grown

Summer breathed Winter in the chasms of her nose
Spring up for passing seconds, Fall down from an overdose

Sixteen, prom queen, pristine, stayed clean
Never mixing with the vagabonds that rolled with dope fiends
But the winds of autumn came, and like the colors that changed
Summer's interests, hobbies, and priorities re-arranged
Peer pressure never phased, but validation was a problem
In order to stay on top she had to go to the bottom
To compromising situations, giving body and soul
For the goal of keeping Nurse Jones warm in the cold
After six months of fighting, Miss Jones moved on
Took a deep breath, winked at Summer, closed her eyes, and was gone
And Summer tried to stay strong, stayed in school, fixed her focus
But unpaid bills culminated to an eviction notice
Now homeless and hopeless, wandered - darkness on the streets
Looking desperate for a job to get her back on her feet
But no one hired a 16-year old dropout with a halo
So she continued the march with the other broken-winged angels

Summer breathed Winter in the chasms of her nose
Spring up for passing seconds, Fall down from an overdose

Now Summer's slowly dying - see Summer's soul was trying
To break out of the bonds, become a sun again, shining
21, collapsed veins, powdered bloody nose, a shattered frame
The remnants of her memories keep her mildly sane
Summer's pastime was passin time by talking to herself
Amidst the heckles of the passers-by , her muffled cries for help
Fell onto deaf ears, out of the mouth of babes
Came the echoed only, lonely cries no one wanted to save
Though Summer's stomach showed no signs of having amniotic fluid
Third trimester rolled around, and through it all she was clueless
Until she woke up in the same hospital she was abandoned
Being told "Push" by doctor's and the voice in her head that demanded
She make it through to see the splinter in the dark
A new start, new purpose, new woman, same heart
And through her next 50 years of life, 'til her eventual death
There was never a sound sweeter than her child's first breath

And the Fall of Summer into Winter's darkest of days
Ended when Summer realized the Spring's sun-rays