Eighth Deadly Sin Testo

Testo Eighth Deadly Sin

You said you want it back, now that we've both grown
But you can't take back what you've never owned
And you can't change the fact
That you weren't here to face the strain

You said you want it back but look just what you've done
You've made it out that I'm the son of a gun
That it's you who hurt
That it was you who felt the pain
By the by I'll take it on the chin
You'll try and try but you won't win
You lost it, when you refused to board the train

By the by it's with a pinch of salt
That I sing these words, it's your own fault that you lost it
There's nothing here for you to gain

Thought I'd bite my lip and act on what they said
“You can drink all you like, but you'll never forget
That it's you who hurt, that it's you who deserves the fame”
“The only way out is to confront what she's done
To try and change her way of thinking that it's only begun
Whilst showing her, that two can play at that game”

So I planned to take it on the chin
To back away when she leant in
And to prove that she was wrong
I planned to take it one step at a time
A systematic deconstruction and a steady decline
Try and prove that she's no more than a song

Now a plan to simply let it lie
To shy away, to say goodbye for the last time
I give in.
I plan to back away to never see her again
She's got what she wants, it's her who'll win
And all because she's the eighth deadliest sin