You Do It For Me Testo

Testo You Do It For Me

V1 me daydreamin thinking bout rings me daydreamin..
Here I go waking up yawning 6 in the mawnin
With you on my mind
I'm laying in bed scarf still on my head
Barely got the cold out my eyes
Bout the conversation we had last night
And I'm reminded of why
I do the things I do just for you ,for you
I don't have to think twice

I do it cuz he real with me
I do cuz he still with me
I do cuz I should
I do cuz your good for me good for me
I do it cuz I trust ya I do it cuz I must
and im doin it for us
I do it cuz I am grateful willing and able
I do it for you cuz you do it for me

You got me day dreamin
Thinking bout rings and switchin up my whole life style
I call you on the phone on my way home
Treating you is on my mind
I'll be cutting up greens picking pinto beans
I know you like rice and gravy
Be at my door before eight you bring the cake
Babe tonight will be fine


U make it so easy for me
That I wanna do the same for you
U are simply perfect for me
And I must say this sincerely
Everything I do I do it for you