Serious Testo

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Testo Serious

Yeah, uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, yeah
Uh, check
Yeah, check

[Verse 1:]
Aiyyo how Nelly doing?
Kyjuan & Murph?
When's City get out?
Big Lee you still put in work?
Where yellow love & hurt?
Where you get that shirt?
The jeans & chains
How y'all change the game? (I don't know)
Where Slow get that mask?
Is that old school fast?
Is them D's?
What kind of wood is that on the dash?
Where three?
Do Jay use that MP3?
Man all these questions make me wanna empty three
Do you know Jigga, Snoop Dogg, Nas & 'Kiss?
Ask me about the Source Awards & I'm a plead the fifth
I'm sick of this
Whatever happened to Lee
How you be?
How you're mom & them?
Instead I'm in the Club Gem
Uh, mo'fuckers bumpin' until my cup
Got a truckload of demos aiyyo man hook me up
I'm still the same
Styles still resemble cocaine
I never change
I'm plain
But still I maintain

[Chorus x2:]
Cause it ain't that serious
Mind your business
You ain't in this
Leave me alone
You'se an idiot
Point blank period
If you're hearing this
Please be gone

[Verse 2:]
Check, got hell hotsheets at the Shell
By this bitch Rochelle
She all about the mail
Look at her walk & tell
I often fell (God Damn)
Bought a fan from hell
Ended up smoking bullshit weed through a hole & it L (Yep)
U (Yep) N-A-T-I-C
That's the truth playboy ain't no lies in me
People pop quiz
I guess
That's just how it is
But they need to stay the fuck out of her & my biz
I'm stressed
From the groupie fest
Rest to less
Uplate upset
We gripping the S-S homeboy
Here they come ghetto tabloid
Hood rover reporters
Crackfaces with camcorders
I rather swim across the border
A Thousand sharks in the water
Piranha at the Grammies in a Honda
Or eat a porkchop
Y'all people need to stop
With all this gossip
I think my brain about to pop

[Chorus x2]

How many songs y'all got?
What's the name of your block? (Eighty-Eight)
Where'd you get that good pot?
How you feel about the cop?
Do you eat meat? (No)
Did your cousin make this beat? (Yep)
What you got on your feet?
Are you respected in the streets?
How old are you?
Are you an MC Cannibal?
How far will the Rams go?
Why they call you Hannibal?
Why they call you Lesus?
Please could you lead us
Food for thought
Would you walk, talk & feed us?
How is heaven Junior?
Ash, Cache, Little Lisa, Bubbles, Jaki, Chanelle & Tre
King Real or Keith, Kelsey, Ariel
Kevon, Kam tight as they all knew they were swell
Shann like blow
Use your third to grow
This just a small lesson just to let you know
Fo' show & if the shoe fits wear it sucker
And if they shoot then you'se a nosy motherfucker

[Chorus x2]