Surrender Testo

Testo Surrender

Baby I want you but only in the right way,
You got me completely with these games that you play,
You know how I'm waiting you know what I'm feelin',
So c'mon and give me the love that I'm needin',

Surrender, surrender,
Give it up to me,
I've got you in my sight,
So, surrender give it up to me,
It's true that I watched you at first from a distance,
With burnin' desire disguised but indifferent,
No instance between us to pose up existence,
Seduction is guided by love-sweet insistence,

Surrender, girl you're much too tight,
I said surrender, listen up tonight,
Surrender, yeah,
I don't wanna be with no pretender,

Fallin', fallin', deeper, deeper,
Fallin' into my love,
Surrender, to me, I will show you something more than my love,

Chorus X2