Is It Insane (Unlocked) Testo

Testo Is It Insane (Unlocked)

Turn my mic up

Is it insane, my life's in your loves hands?
Is it insane, you got a hold on me?
When you're near, all of me trembles
Slightest touch and I'm no good
When you walk out of my door, I want you more

Is it insane?
I was the one who called them fools
For being blinded by love
Now it's me
Who can't break free

Even though you're with her
I still feel you in me
And I know when you kiss her
You're wishing that it was me

Bae-bae-bae, bae, bae, baby
Bae-bae-bae, wee, ee-ee
Hey, hey, ee, ee-ee, ee, ee
Ee-ee, ee, ee
Ee-ee, ee, ee
Ee-ee, ee, ee-ee, ee, ee