The End Testo

Testo The End

Its all the same nothing here seems to have changed
the shattered bottles and broken dreams still remain
what was it for then to be made to feel?
a curse so wretched a nightmare all too real
and it will be this way forever
the shards of glass that severed
it will take a chance of insanity
the start of death to end the grief
to steal the peace
the life of a theif
is this what is greed?
to take life to breathe
if judged this maybe
long after deceased
so long is thy tree
burn slow sink deep
(a whisper passed by through the leaves in the trees uttered its sectret grew faint and weak with it came tears with it came grief before there was hope before there was peace)
a whisper sang sofly through night the sky became afire and died
the struggles that once were are not
crossed out torn up thrown to rot
the fire the spire the fear and the burn
grow old grow tired look back at such turns sing into the breeze as if it carried a dream
in hope sit in wonder if this was something
there was a light just out of sight of a truth
just out of touch with a clue that led to something anew
and save stories in journals left behind
from mankind in graves of grief and glory
survived the last time