In My Misery Testo

Testo In My Misery

You kill for reason that I don't know
I kill for reasons and I kill for you
We were tight for years and years
I kept in all this pain and wiped away the tears
You kill for reasons that Idon't know
I kill for reasons and I kill for you
Impure thoughts
But you were never their, so how would you know
As I was drowning in my misery
How could I be so blind
Maybe it was the sound of your comforting voice that helped heal my wounds
But it turned out that those were tricks play out in your sick mind
R emember when I said siad I would die for you
And thats there was nothing I wouln't do for you
I've learned never to trust you again
They will never understand the sorrow the pain inflicted onto me
Impure thoughts
For your love I would do anything even if it meant to hate you
If I had one wish....
If there was one thing Icared about it...
It would be you.
I will savor every moment you burn