The Impossibilities Are Endless Testo

Testo The Impossibilities Are Endless

Everything (Everything's) become a disaster
Everything (Everywhere) is going to get get worse
The Sirens Were Deafening
Don't close your eyes, don't look away
Sink before we swim, we're gunna sink before we swim
We've found contentment in the contrast of it all
As we're fed promises through lips sewn shut
We built this city and we'll tear it down
Till there ain't one damned thing around
Build on the back of a broken dream
On the back of a broken dream
We're gunna sink before we swim
Douse the truth in kerosene and watch it burn away
Watch it burn away!
Through the smoke and the flames we're reminded of it
And the promises made without intent to keep
We have nothing, nothing but the loads on our backs are much lighter
With this knowledge we've gained....
We will carry on