Knowledge Testo

Testo Knowledge

Being this and reading this inventioning
Always to begin the better day
To remember who we are
To summon up the right
To realize this song

Force of all that shines between us
Force all that comes together
Shall we be the song of everlasting life?
Inventions of the knowledge that we see
This listening...

Some may say that positive alive
Is always always growing
Some may say that positive alive
Is always always growing

The story life, the story life
All is moonlight, the story life...
All the stars are in the sky, just so much space
For us to fly eventually
Eventually, we shall be
Eventually, we shall see, to set us

Freedom comes with every single day
It's always always growing

All is moonlight calling, all is moonlight shining
All is calling moonlight...
No one would ever bless the moonlight for
Being too late too late
(No one would ever bless the moonlight)

(x8) See light, soul light...

Knowing that you love is my imagination
Is your imagination we live each to live
Know that each story has greater revelations
The songs of understanding will carry you home...
Slowly the "light" will be stronger
Through the day, through the love
Through the life, through the lifetime
Through the lifetime...